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APZ 212 55&60 and APG43 Hands On for Region North.Rev.A

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备份问题APZ 212 55&60 and APG43 Hands On for Region North.Rev.A.doc (2.21 MB)【资料名称】:APZ 212 55&60 and APG43 Hands On for Region North.Rev.A






1Revision Info2
3Hardware Introduction4
3.1APZ 212 55 Cable connection pictures and Magzine4
3.2APZ 212 60 Cable connection pictures and Magzine4
3.3APZ 212 55 & 60 GEP2 boards5
3.4APG 43 Cabling6
3.5APG 43 Comparision with APG 406
3.6Concerned Software7
4APZ 212 55/60 and APG43 O&M8
4.1Local Connection method (replacing VGA/Monitor/Keyboard)8
4.2New Raid9
4.3New resources/services10
4.4New commands10
5APZ 212 55/60 and APG43 OPI11
5.1Startup and test procedures11
5.2Handling of HW11
5.4System Outage12
6APZ 212 60 Start Up12
6.2Charging Redundancy Configuration in AP114
6.3Print the NodeID14
7APZ 212 55 Start Up15
7.1Print the NodeID15
8APG43 Start Up15
8.1Remote Desktop Connection to do Site Parameter Change16
8.2ACL recovery after Site Parameter Change16
8.3Etrust 8.1 Settings16
8.4Backup Image to DVD in AP1 & AP217
8.5Disable the AUTO Backup if needed17
8.6Cease Alarm: NIC Not Connected18
8.7Modify TCP/IP Mapping file: Hosts18
8.8Modify MAS_CPTASP_Protocol from 1 to 418
9APZ 212 60 Trouble Shooting Experience Share19
9.1fdls shows different printout between AP1 and AP219
9.2NE Test: FCDAT returns FC 32020
10APZ 212 55 Trouble Shooting Experience Share20
10.1CP reload while doing GB Over IP20
10.2SYBUP Returns Fault Code 38 after APG43 SPChange21
11APG 43 Trouble Shooting Experience Share21
11.1ACL Corrupted after SPChange21
11.2APG43 Alarm sending problem to OSS22
11.3Etrust 8.1 can not be opened22
11.4AP2 Etrust 8.1 signature auto download fail23
11.5MML returns authorization failure after SPChange23
11.6Modify the telnet timeout in APG4324
11.7How to Check Raid Status and Restore Raid.25
11.8How to add mirror manually28
11.9APG43 Support of backup for largest HLR R13.2 dumps29
11.10Quota.xml is corrupt30
11.11Burbackup returns error: burbackup or burrestore is executing on the node31
11.12Node Cycle Restart31
11.13CP Restart causes APG Active node reboot32
11.14CMD command is unavailable in SAC32
12Tips and Known Faults of OPI33
12.1OPI: AP, System Disaster Recovery33
12.2Error 1753 During Disaster Recovery34
12.3OPI: APG43, GED Datadisk, Repair35
12.4OPI: AP, System Data Disk Restore36
13Data Collection before Sending CSR36
13.1APZ 212 55/60 Data Collection36
13.2APG43 Data Collection36
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