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          5G网络中使用 NEF进行曝光事件--监控事件

          监控事件功能旨在监控 3GPP 系统中的特定事件,并通过 NEF 报告此类监控事件信息。它由允许 5GS 中的 NF 配置特定事件、事件检测和向被请求方报告事件的方式组成。

          为了支持漫游场景下的监控特性,需要在HPLMN和VPLMN之间签订漫游协议。如果 VPLMN 中的 AMF/SMF 确定需要对事件报告进行标准化,则 AMF/SMF 会在将事件报告发送到 NEF 之前对其进行标准化。

            监控所需的一组功能应可通过 NEF 访问 5GS 中的 NF。通过 UDM、AMF、SMF、NSACF 和 GMLC 监控事件使 NEF 能够在 UDM、AMF、SMF、NSACF 或 GMLC 上配置给定的监控事件,并通过 UDM 和/或 AMF、SMF 报告事件, NSACF 或 GMLC。根据具体的监控事件或信息,AMF、GMLC、NSACF 或 UDM 知道监控事件或信息并通过 NEF 报告。下表列举了监控事件及其检测标准:


Detection   criteria

Which NF   detects the event

Loss of   Connectivity

Network detects that the UE is no   longer reachable for either signalling or user plane communication (see   NOTE 4).

The AF may   provide a Maximum Detection Time, which indicates the maximum period of time   without any communication with the UE after which the AF is to be informed   that the UE is considered to be unreachable (see NOTE 7).


UE reachability

Detected when   the UE transitions to CM-CONNECTED state or when the UE will become reachable   for paging, e.g., Periodic Registration Update timer. It indicates when the   UE becomes reachable for sending downlink data to the UE.

The AF may   provide the following parameters:

1)  Maximum   Latency;

2)  Maximum   Response Time;

3)  Suggested   number of downlink packets. (see NOTE 5 and NOTE 7).

This event requires the Reachability Filter set   to UE reachable for DL traffic" (see clause For the   usage of this event, see clauses and

When requesting UE reachability monitoring, the   AF may in addition request Idle Status Indication to be included in the UE   reachability event reporting.


Location   Reporting

This event is   detected based on the Event Reporting Information Parameters that were   received in the Monitoring Request (one-time reporting, maximum number of   reports, maximum duration of reporting, periodicity, etc., as specified in   clause 4.15.1).

It reports either the Current Location or   the Last Known Location of a UE.

When AMF is   the detecting NF:

One-time and   Continuous Location Reporting are supported. For Continuous Location   Reporting the serving node(s) sends a notification every time it becomes   aware of a location change, with the granularity depending on the accepted accuracy of location (see NOTE 1).

For One-time Reporting with   immediate reporting flag set, AMF reports the Last Known Location immediately.

When AMF is   the detecting NF:

If the   immediate reporting flag is not set, the AMF reports the UE Current Location   (In case the AMF does not have the UE current location in the granularity as   requested by the location report, the AMF retrieves the information via   NG-RAN Location reporting procedure as defined in clause 4.10).

When GMLC is   the detecting NF:

Immediate and   Deferred Location Reporting is supported. For Deferred Location Reporting the   event types UE availability, Area, Periodic Location and Motion are   supported.


Change of   SUPI-PEI association

This event   is detected when the association between PEI and subscription (SUPI) changes   (USIM change).


Roaming status

This event is   detected based on the UE's current roaming status (the serving   PLMN and/or whether the UE is in its HPLMN) and notification is sent when that status changes. (see NOTE 2).

If the UE is   registered via both 3GPP and N3GPP Access Type, then both instances of   Roaming status are included.


Communication   failure

This event is   detected when RAN or NAS level failure is detected based on connection   release and it identifies RAN/NAS release code.


Availability   after Downlink Data Notification failure

This event is   detected when the UE becomes reachable again after downlink data delivery   failure.

When requesting   Availability after Downlink Data Notification failure monitoring, the AF may   in addition request Idle Status Indication to be included in the UE   reachability event reporting.


PDU Session   Status

This event is   detected when PDU session is established or released. (see NOTE 6)


Number of UEs   present in a geographical area

This event is   detected based on the Event Reporting Information Parameters that were   received in the Monitoring Request (Level of aggregation, Sampling ratio, see   clause 4.15.1).

It indicates the number of UEs that are in   the geographical area described by the AF. The AF may ask for the UEs that the   system knows by its normal operation to be within the area (Last Known   Location) or the AF may request the system to also   actively look for the UEs within the area (Current Location).


CN Type change

The event is   detected when the UE moves between EPC and 5GC. It indicates the current CN   type for a UE or a group of UEs when detecting that the UE switches between   being served by a MME and an AMF or when accepting the event subscription.   (see NOTE 3)


Downlink data   delivery status

It indicates   the downlink data delivery status in the core network. Events are reported at   the first occurrence of packets being buffered, transmitted or discarded,   including:

-    Downlink   data in extended buffering, including:

-    First   data packet buffered event

-    Estimated   buffering time, as per clause

-    First   downlink data transmitted event

-    First   downlink data discarded event


UE reachability   for SMS delivery

This event is detected when an SMSF is   registered for a UE and the UE is reachable as determined by the AMF and the   UDM. This enables the UE to receive an SMS. See clauses and


Number of   registered UEs or established PDU Sessions

It indicates the current number of registered   UEs or established PDU Sessions for a network slice that is subject to NSAC.

For One-time Reporting with Immediate Reporting   Flag set, NSACF reports the number of registered UEs or established PDU   Sessions immediately.


Area Of   Interest

It indicates change of the UE presence in the   Area Of Interest.


NOTE 1:   Location granularity for event request, or   event report, or both could be at cell level (Cell ID) or TA level. The granularity can also be   expressed by other formats such as geodetic uncertainty shapes (e.g.   polygons, circles, etc.) or civic addresses (e.g. streets, districts, etc.) which can be mapped by NEF to AMF   specific granularity levels.

NOTE 2:   Roaming status means whether the UE is in   HPLMN or VPLMN based on the most recently received registration state in the   UDM.

NOTE 3:   CN type of CN Type change event is defined   in clause of TS 23.501 [2].

NOTE 4:   In the case of UDM service operation   information flow, the UDM should set the subscribed periodic registration   timer to a smaller value than the value of Maximum Detection Time, since the   value of the mobile reachable timer is larger than the value of the periodic   registration timer.

NOTE 5:   Maximum Latency, Maximum Response Time and   Suggested number of downlink packets are defined in clause

NOTE 6:   The NEF makes a mapping between the 5GS   internal event "PDU Session Status" and the T8 API event "PDN   Connectivity Status".

NOTE 7:   The preferred method for provisioning   Network Configuration Parameters is External Parameter Provisioning specified   in clause Provisioning event specific parameters as part of   Monitoring Request is expected to be used only by the AF that does not   support Parameter Provisioning procedure specified in clause

资料来源:TS 23.502 4.15


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